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Gemma Dickinson

Gemma is a Midwife from London who, as a student, was inspired by Amanda Burleigh when she gave a lecture at King’s College London on Optimal Cord Clamping in 2017. Gemma found herself passionate and motivated to increase the rates of OCC and decided to create a poster for a student project. 

The university encouraged Gemma to share the poster with Amanda, who was thrilled and immediately posted it on social media. The poster has been so popular, receiving thousands of shares and likes and PDFs are spreading around the world!


Since then, Gemma has collaborated with people abroad to translate the poster into Spanish and German. She has created adaptations for different hospital’s requirements, aimed at different areas of the maternity team and also the public.

She went on to perform an OCC audit at her hospital for her final student project and presented her significant findings to the maternity team, who were enthusiastic to make a change.


Gemma is now working on the labour ward of the hospital where she trained and is thrilled to be observing communication between the team to ensure OCC, and recently delivered a premature baby and was facilitated by the paediatrician to #waitforwhite !!!

Below you can see the poster which she designed and if you want to download the PDF version, just click on the image and it will direct you to download. 

NEW posters without 5 minute clamping advice coming soon

German Poster.jpg
Poster - Spanish PDF.jpg

 It’s not cord blood, its baby’s blood that is in the cord. It is so precious that we consider saving it in the “bank” for the future, but then in order to prevent babies getting jaundice we cut the cord immediately and inhibit this precious blood getting into your baby’s body.

What a pity! We do this mostly not even to do the baby good but because “we have always done this before” and not even with thinking because the evidence base tells us that it does more harm than good. Instead of listening and reading the facts we just cut the cord, throw away the blood we could save in the baby and substitute iron for 6 months.

 Imagine what could happen if the doctors told the same mothers “we will draw X ml of your baby’s blood in order to prevent jaundice and that is why you have to give iron for 6 months”. Oh the evidence base says it isn’t preventing jaundice at all but ….whatever! we have always done this and we will do it anyway. You will be in post-partum euphoria ….. You won’t even notice!

DCC POSTER instrumental PDF.jpg